The tools on this page can help you track your sales on the go since many of the self-publishing platforms don’t have the best mobile websites. Other tools help make sense of the data by putting your sales numbers into charts that can help you develop a better strategy for your catalog.

Afterword app logoAfterword is a mobile app that allows authors who publish with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing to check their book sales without needed to access their KDP dashboard. The app allows authors to see sales data for each book in their library as well as the sales for individual countries. We know that authors get addicted to checking their sales and because the KDP dashboard is not very mobile friendly. 

Author Earnings Dashboard

author earnings dashboardAuthor Earnings Dashboard was designed by a frustrated author who was fed up with the messy Excel Spreadsheets produced by Amazon each month. The Dashboard takes the Excel file and transforms it into data is is filterable and uses it to create easy to read charts and graphs for monitoring sales patterns each month. If you’re getting serious about your earnings as an author this is a great tool to put in your kit. 


trackerboxTrackerBox is software that allows users to import sales data from KDP, NOOK Press, Kobo Writing Life, Apple iBookStore, Smashwords, CreateSpace, and many other eBook and Print-on-Demand services. It has support for multiple authors and pen names, can track sales by each titles, and also allows users to export their reports in many different formats. They offer a 45 day free trial.